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When You’re the Topicsmaster…

Creative tips for when you’re next the Topicsmaster of your club’s Table Topics segment. These ideas should spur you on to develop your own creative topic ideas.

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Your Room Has Room for Improvement: Feng Shui Your Meeting Room for Optimal Success!

Whether your club meets in a high rise or a basement, a barn or a barracks, you have the ability to alter key variables to make the experience more inviting, nurturing, welcoming and simultaneously reinforce the goals of your club. Did you know your meeting room has room for improvement? Feng Shui’s the way!

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Infuse Your Club Meetings With Vitamin C…Creativity!

Ideas for creative meeting topics, themes and formats to induce creativity, bust ruts and engage even the most set-in-their-way members. Everyone gets in the act with these fun variations on traditional meeting formats.

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You’ve Got Guests!

Guests visiting your club may feel the nervousness you long ago vanquished. The secret to allaying their anxieties? turn their fear into fun! Your attentiveness toward guests comforts and nourishes them. When you prepare for their arrival, welcome them on entry, take the time to understand their needs and fears, you show them that you care. This thoughtful approach helps guests want to join your club.

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Be A Creative Topic-Master: Induce Creativity in Table Topics!

Enjoy a Baker’s dozen tips for creative Table Topics when you’re in charge. Induce creativity, up the fun quotient and celebrate the fanciful with these novel and new approaches to the age-old practice of extemporaneous speaking.

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