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Mackay’s Life Lessons Help People Worldwide Sell Their Ideas! — Craig’s Harvey Mackay Interview

In this far-reaching interview, sales guru Harvey Mackay holds court on sales, leadership, networking, volunteerism. goal setting, attitude, the power of coaches, the importance of Toastmasters and preparing to win.

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TED Talks…And the World Listens!

TED Talks …and the World Listens
Where the power of the story meets the power of the big idea. Learn about the application of communication and leadership skills by Ted Talkers to change the world, 18-minutes at a time!

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Lead from Where you Sit, Stand or Speak

Everyone can lead in a Toastmasters meeting or club. Opportunities abound, regardless of title or role. Do your part!

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Teaming With Success in Toastmasters!

We’re surrounded by examples of team — both good and bad. Emulate the hallmarks of great teamwork as you lead your club, area, division or district, workgroup, department or organization, from wherever you find yourself in its hierarchy.

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You’ve Got Guests!

Guests visiting your club may feel the nervousness you long ago vanquished. The secret to allaying their anxieties? turn their fear into fun! Your attentiveness toward guests comforts and nourishes them. When you prepare for their arrival, welcome them on entry, take the time to understand their needs and fears, you show them that you care. This thoughtful approach helps guests want to join your club.

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Finding Confidence

“Men die of fright and live of confidence.”

I heard there was a place called Confidence and I so wanted to find it. Others had been there and it showed. Yet I hadn’t found Confidence yet for myself.

I set out only knowing its general direction. Mine was to be an uphill journey. I drove and drove with nary a clue. At first the road was long and flat with many cars going this way and that. Then it began to rise as I entered the foothills. The altitude reached 1000 feet. The road began to twist and turn. Soon the sign said I’d reached 2000 feet. The air was getting thinner. There were far fewer cars. I became short of breath. I passed the 3,000 foot sign. My pace slowed. Yet I pressed on.
I wanted to find Confidence.
I needed to find Confidence.

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Be A Creative Topic-Master: Induce Creativity in Table Topics!

Enjoy a Baker’s dozen tips for creative Table Topics when you’re in charge. Induce creativity, up the fun quotient and celebrate the fanciful with these novel and new approaches to the age-old practice of extemporaneous speaking.

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The Wooden Way: Interview with Coach John Wooden on Leadership and More

Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden On Leadership and Life’s Lessons
Interviewed By Craig Harrison, DTM, PDG

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Crisis Leadership – The Sully Sullenberger Interview

A 59-year-old resident of Danville, California, Sullenberger retired in March after a 30-year aviation career with US Airways. His story may soon be on the big screen: Producers have optioned the movie rights to his memoir, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters. Craig Harrison, DTM, interviewed Captain Sullenberger on an array of leadership topics, including crisis communication, teamwork and the need for continual improvement, for Toastmaster magazine.

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