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TED Talks…And the World Listens!

TED Talks …and the World Listens
Where the power of the story meets the power of the big idea. Learn about the application of communication and leadership skills by Ted Talkers to change the world, 18-minutes at a time!

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Two Minute Tales: Using Table Topics To Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills

Use Table Topics to become a two-minute storyteller. It’s easy and fun. You can tell a variety of tales in the 1-2 minute time frame. Tap your past for topic and story ideas.

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Be A Creative Topic-Master: Induce Creativity in Table Topics!

Enjoy a Baker’s dozen tips for creative Table Topics when you’re in charge. Induce creativity, up the fun quotient and celebrate the fanciful with these novel and new approaches to the age-old practice of extemporaneous speaking.

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