How to Craft A Presentation, TED-style

How to give a TED Talk

How to give a TED Talk

Jessica Mah, curator of a TEDx conference last year in Berkeley, California, offers tips for applicants seeking to deliver a TED Talk.

  • Begin with a thought-provoking idea to set a standard for the rest of your talk. For example: Jamie Oliver started his TED Talk by saying, “Sadly, in the next 18 minutes, four Americans that are alive, will be dead.”
  • Share intimate stories.
  • Back up your stories with visuals.
  • Don’t lecture people — this is not a class.
  • Be willing to take risks in your presentation.
  • Commit to at least two in-person rehearsals. Some TED speakers have spent over 15 hours preparing for a 15-minute talk. Put in the time to be excellent.
  • Don’t recycle talks. People will know, and your talk won’t be TED-website worthy.
  • End with a takeaway. How does this relate to “doing the unprecedented” or your event’s theme?

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