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What’s Your Club Culture? Learn how to take the pulse of your club

A culture of caring, service and integrity is critical to success of your Toastmasters club. Build it and they will come. Many factors influence a club’s success: membership numbers, renewal rates and education achievements, for example. But an intangible and often overlooked factor may be the most essential contributor to a club’s long-term success—its culture!

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Hearing Voices – Techniques to Enhance Your Vocal Variety

Use Characters, Personas, Puppets and Animal Sounds to Boost Your Vocal Variety for future speeches. Tips and techniques to add more vocal variety and push the envelope when giving speeches.

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Your Room Has Room for Improvement: Feng Shui Your Meeting Room for Optimal Success!

Whether your club meets in a high rise or a basement, a barn or a barracks, you have the ability to alter key variables to make the experience more inviting, nurturing, welcoming and simultaneously reinforce the goals of your club. Did you know your meeting room has room for improvement? Feng Shui’s the way!

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Mackay’s Life Lessons Help People Worldwide Sell Their Ideas! — Craig’s Harvey Mackay Interview

In this far-reaching interview, sales guru Harvey Mackay holds court on sales, leadership, networking, volunteerism. goal setting, attitude, the power of coaches, the importance of Toastmasters and preparing to win.

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How to Craft A Presentation, TED-style

Tips from TEDx curator Jessica Mah on how to deliver an effective TED Talk.

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Teaming With Success in Toastmasters!

We’re surrounded by examples of team — both good and bad. Emulate the hallmarks of great teamwork as you lead your club, area, division or district, workgroup, department or organization, from wherever you find yourself in its hierarchy.

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Two Minute Tales: Using Table Topics To Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills

Use Table Topics to become a two-minute storyteller. It’s easy and fun. You can tell a variety of tales in the 1-2 minute time frame. Tap your past for topic and story ideas.

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